We are an independent company with Headquarters in Vienna/Austria and one of the successful organizations in marketing and distributing chemicals, polymers, and native products for industrial use in Europe.

Qualified Marketing and Distribution

We concentrate our sales activities on a finite number of selected customer branches only and on products, which require a very rapid flow of information from the customer market to our principals – and back again to the customer.

Customer Orientation

This means for us deep knowledge of customer needs and the application of this know-how in the planning, pricing, and production processes of our manufacturing partners. As the authorized sales organization of our principals, we see ourselves simultaneously as the mandatory of our customers, ensuring they are always provided what they need.
Taking responsibility for product quality and just-in-time supply is part of our commitment.


We continuously develop our supply services worldwide for selected products. Our strategic goal is to penetrate selected customer industries “from Lisboa to Ural” and belong to the “best judged” external sales organization of our manufacturing partners!


“ProChema – the top appraised marketing organization in selected customer branches”

ProChema´s organizational structure as well as the selection and training of our employees, is oriented to this vision. We do not want to enter into “any” chemical business, but concentrate our activities on selected customer branches and on products, which are matching with our “criteria”. This limitation on purpose allows us to provide excellent services in our focused business fields.

Customer orientation means for us to be in regular personal contact with our customers and to understand their requirements precisely. We implement this knowledge into the planning-, pricing- and production processes of our manufacturing partners.

This way we generate “Added Values” for our partners.

Being the authorized marketing- and distribution organization of our manufacturing partners, we see us simultaneously being the mandatary of our customers and secure their competitive and reliable supply.


“Chemicals for Your Success – we provide a seamless link between our customers’ needs and our manufacturers’ offerings”

Based on knowledge about customer markets on one side and about the abilities of our manufacturing partners on the other side, we transform “Added Value” for our partners.

We know present and future demands of our customers, along with the competitive situation in our sales markets. For our “principals” we provide reports about market developments.

In tandem with them, tailor-made individual and competitive offers are worked out. This way, we support the success of our partners.

We see the demand for our specialized services is increasing. Therefore, we follow our Penetration and Expansion Program (PEP), by growing business, supported by further expansion of our distribution network world-wide.

This way we also increase the competitiveness of our company!

Our biggest challenge will remain to continuously improve ourselves, so to achieve and maintain our most important goal: to have satisfied regional and multinational customers!


ProChema understands sustainability as consistency, reliability and responsible dealing with our resources. This is not just limited to “green” raw materials. It is an attitude. We as an organization push ourselves every single day to improve. Sustainability is an integrated part of our company goals.

ProChema is a signatory and supports the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We are making the UN Global Compact and its principles part of the strategy, culture and day-to-day operations of our company, and to engaging in collaborative projects which advance the broader development goals of the United Nations, particularly the Sustainable Development Goals. COP 2022

Our sustainability management has been awarded with Silver status by the international rating agency EcoVadis.
We are very pleased that our sustainability performance has been externally recognized and rated as above average in our industry.

Derived from substances which have natural origin, excluding minerals embedded in geological formations, is the definition of bio-based materials. In the chemical industry we distinguish between natural and renewable raw materials. The way we can use natural materials without further processing in our products, we need in turn to further process others to transfer these into valuable products. Those materials are called renewable raw materials. Since several years the consciousness of all stakeholders in the value chain have significantly risen on the responsibility to our environment. The requirements of the consumer and therefore our customers to get raw materials whose sources are either natural or renewable increase continuously.

ProChema understands this! Thus we are working very hard to push our product portfolio in the direction of bio-based, bio-degradable and recycled products. We are searching globally for sources of such products in order to offer our customers for instance in the coatings, construction chemicals, polyurethane, epoxy and foam industry sustainable solutions.

Please support us by send us your inquiries. This helps us to focus on the right subjects.


ProChema was founded in Vienna in 1981 as a trading company for chemical products by Werner Figlhuber and Manfred Rukover. From a small business with three employees, ProChema continuously grew to be a sales organization that now employs  more than 70 people at 16 locations throughout Europe and Asia.



Foundation of PROCHEMA BeNeLux B.V. in Waalwijk/NL


Foundation of PROCHEMA UK LTD in Nottingham/UK


Local Sales Offices in:

  • Paris/France
  • Ulm/Germany
  • Waalwijk/Netherlands

Extension of our PEP-program (Penetration and Expansion Program) by hiring additional employees


Local Sales Offices in:

  • Riga/Latvia
  • Barcelona/Spain
  • Manchester/Great Britain
  • St. Petersburg/Russia

The further expansion of the product range and the sales organization is intensified; entries into new markets are being examined


The business unit “AGRO” is sold in the course of a spin-off to the former co-shareholders family Rukover


Exploitation of the markets Spain/Portugal and United Kingdom is started


Foundation of OOO PROCHEMA Russia in Moscow/Russia


Foundation of PROCHEMA Italia srl in Vipiteno/Italia


Realignment of the bulk-commodities product range, with a 50% share of sales to “Performance Chemicals” with extended service function


Establishment of the business platform SEE in Bucharest/Romania for the countries Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Ukraine

Foundation of PROCHEMA Kimyasal Ticaret Limited Sirketi in Istanbul/Turkey


Sales Offices in:

  • Essen/Germany
  • Lyon/France
  • Moscow/Russia

Foundation of PROCHEMA Bulgaria Ltd. in Sofia/Bulgaria


Liaison Office in Bratislava/Slovakia as a “Platform” for the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region begins operations


Liaison Office in Shanghai/China begins operations


Establishment of the “Western Europe Sales Platform” at the Headquarters in Vienna/Austria

Foundation of PROCHEMA d.o.o. in Belgrade/Serbia


Foundation of subsidiaries:

  • PROCHEMA Deutschland GmbH in Nuremberg/Germany
  • PROCHEMA Romania s.r.l in Bucharest/Romania
  • PROCHEMA Magyarország Kft. in Budapest/Hungary

Sales Office in Belgrade/Yugoslavia (now Serbia) begins operation


Foundation of PROCHEMA Polska Sp.z.o.o in Krakow/Poland.
In 2000 the office moved to Warsaw


Sales Office in Sofia/Bulgaria begins operations


Start of specialization in two business segments:
ICPO (Industry Chemicals and POlymers) and AGRO


Foundation of PROCHEMA Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. in Vienna/Austria, the current parent company of the group