ProChema GmbH and Global Graphene Group, Inc., Dayton agreed that ProChema inherit the marketing and sales responsibilities of graphene products in the anti-corrosion coatings, building chemicals, and composites in various industries in Europe.
The partnership began with effect on February 01st, 2021.
Global Graphene Group has its Global Headquarters and Product Development Center based in Dayton, OH, has two decades experiences with graphene. During this time 465+ patents have been filed.
This profound knowledge of the processes and the technology of graphene enables the Global Graphene Group to give the badly needed technical support to successfully integrate this still new product group in their clients products.
“The synergies of ProChema’s decades long market knowledge and the technical expertise of Global Graphene Group is key to generate significant benefits to our customers. We are aware, that this innovative technology requires intensive development work but the with graphene achievable product properties justifies those efforts.” says Klaus Reinhold, Business Development Manager at ProChema and further, “Those extraordinary product properties are not just a technical and perhaps financial benefit for the customers and whose principals. They also have a significant impact on the sustainability of the whole value chain and therefore positively influence whose carbon footprint. Thus it is so important to have with Global Graphene Group such a competent partner alongside us. Based on the given conditions we are extremely confident that this partnership will become a long lasting story of success.”
“We have large confidence in ProChema’s capabilities and expertise. Its high professionalism, the passion and the commitment to Global Graphene Group and our products convinced us and gives us the confidence to have the right partner to successfully introduce graphene in the selected industries. We’re looking forward to the cooperation with ProChema.”, says Nathan Holliday, Technical Sales Manager at Global Graphene Group.