Vision and Mission


“ProChema – the top appraised marketing organization in selected customer branches”

ProChema´s organizational structure, as well as the selection and training of our employees, is oriented to this vision. We do not want to enter into “any” chemical business, but concentrate our activities on selected customer branches and on products, which are machting with our “criteria”. This limitation on purpose allows us to provide excellent services in our focused business fields.

Customer orientation means for us to be in regular, personal contact with our customers and to understand their requirements precisely. We implement this knowledge into the planning-, pricing- and production processes of our manufacturing partners.
This way we generate “Added Values” for our partners.

Being the authorized marketing- and distribution organization of our manufacturing partners, we see us simultaneously being the mandatars of our customers and secure their competitive and reliable supply.



“Chemicals for Your Success – we provide a seamless link between our customers´ needs and our manufacturers´ offerings”

Based on knowledge about customer markets on one side and about the abilities of our manufacturing partners on the other side, we transform “Added Value” for our partners.

We know present and future demands of our customers, along with the competitive situation in our sales markets. For our “principals” we provide reports about market developments.
In tandem with them, tailor-made individual and competitive offers are worked out. This way, we support the success of our partners.

We see´that the demand for our specialized services is increasing. Therefore we follow our Penetration and Expansion Program (PEP), by growing business, supported by further expansion of our distribution Network world-wide.
This way we also increase the competitiveness of our company!

Our biggest challenge will remain, to continuously improve ourselves, so to achieve and maintain our most important goal:  to have satisfied regional and multinational customers!