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Our partners speak for us

“We are very satisfied with PROCHEMA. It has been Kuraray’s agent and distributor in Austria and large parts of Eastern Europe for many years. During this time, our business has increased steadily. PROCHEMA is very familiar with the market, extremely reliable and provides open and transparent reporting.”

Dr. Matthias Gutweiler, Managing Director, Kuraray Europe GmbH

“PROCHEMA is a very sincere, professional, trustworthy company. We are very glad and very lucky of having PROCHEMA as our partner. We have very happily cooperated with PROCHEMA for several years. We always regard PROCHEMA as one of the most important partners.”

Yili Lu, Sales Director, Beijing Fine Chemicals Technology Lab. (B-FCTL)

“PROCHEMA has been our business partner for many years. Our cooperation is great and not only based on our mutual interests but also on friendly atmosphere and understanding. In our business area PROCHEMA is a brand that is renown for excellent supply of chemicals!“

Nemanja Romandic, CEO, ROMA Company, Belgrade Serbia