QM and Certification

Our priority – Quality Management

We see our quality management as a dynamic process of continuous improvement of our services.

Our processes are documented and practice are periodically validated by external auditors.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

The constant development of our processes and procedures in the interest of optimum quality standards has the highest priority.

Contact Quality Management: QM@prochema.com

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate ProChema 2020
IQNet Certificate ProChema 2020  

Reliable registration of Chemicals

REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals ) entered into force on 01.06.2007.

REACH is an improved protection of health and the environment with regard to risks posed by chemical substances.

Moreover, the objective of REACH is, to improve the competitiveness of the chemical industry in the EU.

Are all affected by REACH, manufacturers and importers, and downstream users of defined substances and preparations which produce, process or trade a volume of one tonne per year.


Till 31.11.2008 the manufacturers / importers had to pre-register substances in order to claim the respective transition periods for actual registration from 01.12.2008 to.


As of 31.10.2010, only registered substances could be placed on the market. Of these high-volume substances were (from 1,000 tonnes per year), CMRs from one tonne per year and environmentally hazardous substances classified as N (R50-53) affected.

The other two transition periods for substances above 100 tonnes per year, or less than 100 metric ton per year ending on 31.05.2013 and 31.05.2018.

PROCHEMA brings only substances / preparations on the market which have been registered in time by us or our suppliers or the transitional periods for which to run until actual registration yet.

We will send appropriate acknowledgments if needed.

Contact REACH: reach@prochema.com