From the start – Dynamic & continuity. PROCHEMA.

PROCHEMA was founded in Vienna in 1981 as a trading company for chemical products from Werner Figlhuber and Manfred Rukover.

From a small business with three employees, PROCHEMA continuously grew up to be a sales organization that now employs 50 people at more than 11 locations throughout Europe and Asia.

Milestones in PROCHEMA’s history:

1981: Foundation of PROCHEMA Handelsgesellschaft.mbH in Vienna/Austria, the
current parent company of the group

1989: Start of specialization in two business segments: ICPO (industry
chemicals and polymers) and AGRO

1995: Sales office in Sofia/Bulgaria begins operations

1996: Founding of PROCHEMA POLSKA Sp.z.o.o in Krakow/Poland, in 2000, moved
to Warsaw

1998: Sales office in Belgrade/Yugoslavia (now Serbia) begins operation

2003: Foundation of subsidiaries:

2004: Foundation of PROCHEMA d.o.o., Belgrad

2004: Construction of the “Western Europe sales platform” at its headquarters in Vienna

2006: Liaison office in Shanghai/China begins operations

2008: Liaison Office in Bratislava/Slovakia as a “platform” for the Commonwealth of
Independent States (CIS) region

2009: Foundation of PROCHEMA BULGARIA Ltd./Sofia

2011: Sales offices in


2012: Establishment of the business platform SEE in Bucharest/Romania for the countries Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Ukraine

2013: Realignment of the Bulk-Commodities product range, with a 50% share of sales to “Performance Chemicals” with extended service function

2014: Foundation PROCHEMA ITALIA SRL, Vipiteno

2015: Foundation PROCHEMA Russia OOO; Moscow

2017: The exploitation of the markets Spain and Great Britain is started

2018: The business unit “Agro” was sold by way of a spin-off to the former co-shareholers Family Rukover

2018: The further expansion of the product range and the sales organization is intensified; Market entries into new markets are being examined